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Pilot Training in Philippines

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Mach Aviatrix



                              A very warm welcome aboard Mach Aviatrix!


Mach Aviatrix is a premier flying school/ air hostess training institute. Mach would be a professional choice to the students with a quest to become, top class flying professionals, maintenance engineers and also succeed in the hospitality field, as we are a set of highly qualified instructors who will use their experience to impart the best knowledge and help build a strong base which will enable the students for the rest of their career. Mach will standby as a mentor right through the training, up untill the student settles down with a flying career. Mach will thrive to implement the right attitude towards flying to the students.



Mach Base:

Dumaguete is a beautiful Island with clear blue seas around. The terrain and locality will be a challenging condition for the student to learn and fly out in colours to become a successful pilot, as it provides a suitable weather condition, with most of the days being sunny throughout the year. .

We have chosen Dumaguete as the base because it provides a balance between work and leisure. Students have a wide range of malls, theaters, white sand beaches, clubs & restuarents and an attractive tourist destination, it is also a hub for some of the best world class universities in the Philippines hence a popular place for foreign students as it is a calm and a peaceful place to study. This could also create a possibility for our students to enroll for a degree while learning how to fly, as knowledge never ends and thus we encourage our students to further qualify themselves.



Safety first:


Mach Aviatrix will provide the best flight training by keeping up with the high standards of safety set by the Aviation Authorities and we will not compromise on safety under any circumstances during the course of the training. Student’s safety is our prime concern and hence it is on high priority under Mach Aviatrix operating guidelines.


Mach Progress:

We look to develop our Institute further by signing up airlines with our neighboring countries and inviting them for an on campus interview. As the student is on the last leg of the training, this will help provide an opportunity for the student to settle with an airline offer right after graduating from Mach Aviatrix. We want to go that extra mile to help a student to the maximum.


We look to affiliate our institute with the Joint Aviation Authority which is different from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and therefore an asset to the student on his subsequent return to his /her home country.


We will also establish a connection with the aviation authorities as per the nationality of the student, as we look to abide by their requirements and guidelines. We will have an accreditation from the local Aviation authority.





Dream: We look to become a pioneer institute and set a level of superiority by elegantly breaking through to every department of the aviation industry.


Quest: We believe sky is the limit and we will set small targets for ourselves. The immediate Mach mission is to produce highly skilled professionals and watch them build a home for themselves in the sky.

           EXPLORE MACH


>   Institute: We have a very good infrastructure which helps the students in every way to complete a fine training.


HangarMach Aviatrix has a well-equipped hanger which is required in order to provide the best maintenance for the aircrafts. The hanger is also a place of learning for the students where the aircraft will be cross sectioned which will be an integral part in his/her training.

 Classroom: We have well-furnished and modernized classroom which will be the best place for the students to gain ground knowledge before taking off, overall it is a place which radiates utmost concentration and hence  provides a sound study environment.


Operations: Mach Aviatrix has an individual cabin for the instructors and cabinets in the operations building where the entire operations team will coordinate their flight planning, METAR briefing and flight logs. The instructors are provided with a room to conduct their pre and post flight briefings to the students. 


Simulator: Mach has a state of the art single & multi engine simulator which acts as a practice pitch for students to understand Instrument flying procedures and visual flying which will help refine the students flying skills and expertise his/her level of confidence during their actual flying lessons.


Fleets : All Mach aircrafts are compatible for instrument flying conditions and we will maintain a ratio of 3 students per aircraft. This will enable us to complete the training in a stipulated amount of time.

Cafeteria: Mach cafe enjoys a hygienic and is revered for the fine dining experience. We have both outdoor as well as indoor seating area. The cafe is also a place for a break for the student with a TV and a DVD player. The cafe is also a free Wi-Fi zone. This is a refreshing place and our food is home cooked by well-trained chefs in all types of cuisines. For more click food section.


Library: Mach has a very vast variety of aviation books and videos for every syllabus. The library is comprised of books and videos from FAA, JAA and ICAO The students can keep testing their knowledge by taking tests from an unlimited question generator which will help them crack any aviation related exams.


 Training Area: The Dumaguete runway is governed by a busy highway on its western end and open sea at the eastern end. The airport has a 6000ft asphalt runway with well-arranged flight timings, a well-equipped navigational facility and a spacious ramp. The airport handles three jetliners with 8 departures a day. This will be a perfect learning curve and can blend the student gradually to get into the groove before flying to bigger international airports.



Dumaguete has 310 sunny days a year, which is well suited for flight training.


Student   Accommodation: 


Accommodation is a place of dwelling and we at Mach Aviatrix believe that a completely rested mind is capable of a better performance. Some of the housing amenities is as listed below. All of these facilities is at no extra cost to the student. The housing plan is on twin sharing basis while, individual accommodation is also available which is not included in the fee structure.


The accommodation is fully furnished with spacious room with all necessary facilities

Which includes Wi-Fi internet, Refrigerator, Television, Air-condition. 

Mach Aviatrix will provide to and fro transportation from the accommodation to the training center.


Sports and recreation:

We believe in the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” thus we have arranged various outdoor activities 


Health care: The Silliman medical center in Dumaguete is a world class health organization, where students can seek medical advice in case of a health related issue and Mach Aviatrix will bear the consultation charges.




Health is a major factor in aviation and We provide a  balanced diet food for the students to maintain a sound health throughout the training. Students will be provided with 3 meals a day excluding an evening snack and drink. We cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The vegetarians will provide with pure vegetarian food. For those who have a strict compliance with halal meat, we provide the same. As we would love to look after your special needs, the café will be open on all 7 days of the week.








We have included an airline orientation program within the course Upon completion, the student will receive an opportunity to fly in the flight deck (Jump Seat) on an actual Airline flight. He or she will get a first-hand experience to see the actual procedure and the functions of airline pilot during Flight. The choice of Aircrafts for this program would be the Airbus, Citation and the ATR which will enable the student to acquire ground knowledge and visualize each and every movement in the flight deck. We have tried to convert our dreams into reality and honestly we feel sky is not the limit!


We give you a unique opportunity to extend your dreams of becoming a Pilot / Airhostess and win your entire training fees back. Mach Aviatrix will award the outstanding student of every batch with certificate of excellence in addition to the reimbursement of the training fees. We invite you to take the challenge and prove yourself by awakening your hidden skills and make us and your loved ones proud by registering yourself as a top class aviation professional!



An exceptional idea to give the student 30hrs extra as a safety pilot with no additional cost.

Student will graduate from Mach Aviatrix with an additional 30hrs of flying experience apart from the Flight time specified in the training package.



The Joint Aviation Authority is one of the finest aviation regulations followed by many countries. Mach Aviatrix is the first in the Philippines to provide students a JAA Syllabus-based training package. This ensures that students do not have to dedicate time to solely learning JAA specifics, especially to clear the license conversion exams on subsequent return to their country or when they appear for airline examinations and interviews.



Before students start training on a real Visual flight/Instrument flight/Night flight, they are acquainted with the exact picture of flying by using a FLIGHT SIMULATOR at the Mach Aviatrix facility. Students will be trained in the simulator before real flight and during various stages of their training. CPL students are likely to be trained for more than 30 hours. Number of hours varies with each course. SIM flying will be in addition to actual flying hours mandated for each course. Simulator flying hours are recorded in each student’s log book.



        Student will be provided with the following materials.

·           Books: JAA course books with exam test preparation questionnaire, approach plates and other necessary supplements.

·         Pilot Materials:  pilot bag, Logbook, Headset, Plotter, set of maps, knee board, fuel drainer, flight computer, student records and other necessary materials.

·         Uniform  3 set of pilot uniform, Uniform2 pilot T-shirts, a pair of wings and shoulder epaulets, 1-tie, institute ID & Airport ID.



One of the most important processes during pilot training is the licensing related paper work which most often than not interferes with the student progress, we at Mach Aviatrix will take full responsibility for the licensing related paper at no additional cost, so that the student is not hassled and can concentrate on the flight training. Below are lists of different types of licensing related paper work which will be our responsibility.

·         Student Pilot License: Class II medical, National Tele-Communication License (Radio Telephony), one week stay in Manila and Pre-solo permit.

·         Private Pilot License Exam permits, Medical validation, Certificate of Release, check ride permit, English language proficiency certificate (ICAO Mandatory certificate), flight check ride and two weeks stay in manila for exams.

·         Commercial Pilot License: Exam permits, Certificate of Release, Class I Medical, check ride permit, flight check ride and one month stay in manila for exams.

·         Instrument Rating: Exam permit, Certificate of Release, Check ride permit, flight check ride and one week stay in manila for exams.

·         Additional Rating/multi-Engine: Exam permit, Certificate of Release, check ride permit, flight check ride, one week stay in manila for exams.

·          Flight Instructor License: Exam permits,Certificate of Release, check ride permit, flight check ride and two week stay in manila for exams. 

In order to complete this process the student will have to travel to Manila.  All expenditures will be borne by Mach Aviatrix i.e. flight tickets, food & accomodation.



·          For international students the list of immigration formalities to be met during the course of the training are as listed below.

·          NBI Clearence: This is approved by the National Bureau of Investigation to be certain that the student is not black listed under any criminal act.

·          Special Student Permit (SSP): It is a permit provided by the Philippine immigration for foreign students undergoing professional studies.

·         Visa:In addition to the permits and clearance, the student should have a valid stay visa until the completion of the course.

·         Mach Aviatrix will bear all the expenses of processing the above mentioned formalities.



The requirements for a license renewal is a separate process which the student has to undergo annually to renew their license. The process includes night flying, different types of approaches and other competent flight skill test. We have some experienced personnel deployed, who will be assisting the students with their license renewal.



The National Telecommunication board is the issuer of the radio telephony license. This license will be issued only after the student meets the standards set by the NTC and we will train students to acquire the necessary knowledge and communication skills.


All civil aviation authorities across the world have made the ELP a mandatory endorsement on the license. The candidates are evaluated on their communication, fluency with consideration given to regional accents. Mach Aviatrix will schedule English proficiency classes  twice a week in the curriculum. The minimum level the student has to achieve is a level 4 as per the ICAO. 

Contact Us:

Mach Aviatrix Flight Institute,

Mach Aviatrix Hanger. Dumaguete Airport,

Sibulan, Negros Oriental,

Philippines, 6201.


Email: enroll@machaviatrix.com




Tel: +63 9262 745 000

       + 63 9277 551 900

       + 63 9436 640 555

       + 63 9193 765 005


Fax: +63 35 4197121


Website: www.machaviatrix.com


Follow us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mach-Aviatrix-Flight-Institute/336886096332226

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MachAviatrix

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/2762136?trk=tyah


















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