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Transport Canada - Aviation Safety Letter Aircraft Owners and Pilots—The Importance of a Correct Address - ISSUE 4/2009

Aircraft Owners and Pilots—The Importance of a Correct Address - ISSUE 4/2009

by Bobbie Rawlings, Aircraft Registration Specialist, Aircraft Registration and Leasing, Standards, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

There are several reasons for keeping your mailing address up to date, but the most important reason is safety. Without the correct mailing address, Transport Canada isn’t able to send you safety information. That’s why aircraft owners and permit or licence holders are required to notify Transport Canada of any change of address within seven days after the change (see Canadian Aviation Regulations [CARs] 202.51 and 400.07).

The Canadian Civil Aircraft Register is a live database. Changes made in the register are available immediately through the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register Computer System—Evolution (CCARCS-E). CCARCS-E supports several mailings from various divisions of Transport Canada, such as Airworthiness Directives (AD), Annual Airworthiness Information Reports (AAIR), Service Bulletins (SB), and other types of information that pertain to aircraft owners, their aircraft and the safety of flight in Canada. If an aircraft owner does not notify Transport Canada of a change of address, the information in CCARCS-E will be outdated. Various officials and government agencies use CCARCS-E in Canada and around the world. Customs agencies, for instance, frequently check the CCARCS-E to confirm information. Discrepancies between the aircraft documents and the CCARCS-E may result in delays with these agencies.

If an aircraft owner’s mailing address is incorrect, any information mailed to them will not reach them and will be returned to Transport Canada. This means that important safety information will not get to the appropriate destination. This also incurs added costs for mailing and time to locate the aircraft owner and update CCARCS-E with the correct information. Unfortunately, we are noticing an increase in the volume of returned documents due to invalid addresses.

CCARCS-E is available on-line at: From there, you can view your owner/aircraft information for any discrepancies, and then begin the process of notifying Transport Canada with up-to-date information.

With recent enhancements to the General Aviation Web site, clients can submit changes to information, including address changes, and other requests. Pilots and aircraft owners will be interested in this site, as there are services available from the Flight Crew Licensing Division. You are invited to visit our Web site ( and explore how these services can help your information be the most up to date.


This article was published by Transport Canada in TP 185E -. Reprinted with permission

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