Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Low-Flying Exam

Low flying is a killer. Before you even contemplate it, try this test. It may change your mind—and save your neck.

  1. How much airspeed will you lose if you slam your aircraft into a 45° bank turn?
  2. What rate and radius of turn will you get in a 45° bank turn?
  3. How much space will you need to do a 180° turn?
  4. How much more space will you need with a 20 kt wind behind you half way round the turn?
  5. How far away can you see a wire?
  6. If you have to jerk back on the stick to miss a wire, how much space will it take to change the flight path upwards?
  7. If you have to pull up quickly straight ahead, what airspeed will you have after 300 ft of climb?
  8. What do you do if you run a tank dry at low altitude?
  9. Will your windshield withstand hitting a 3-lb gull?


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