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Conversion between U.S. and Canadian Pilot Licences

Canadian pilots who hold Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot licences in the aeroplane category can convert those licences into FAA Certificates with greater ease than was possible in the past. Similarly, American pilots who hold equivalent aeroplane pilot certificates can now convert those certificates into Canadian licences with greater ease because of an agreement between US and Canadian aviation licensing authorities. This agreement applies to aeroplane pilot licences, instrument ratings and aeroplane type ratings. The agreement signed by U.S. and Canadian officials.


Conversion process / Medical Examination / Application

NOTICE: For questions that pertain to pilot licensing issues for converting FAA pilot certificates to Canadian pilot licences or to forward your application, please contact one of the following General Aviation Regional Licensing Offices:



Transport Canada
95 Foundry St., 6th floor
PO Box 42
Moncton, N.B.
E1C 8K6

Tel.: (506) 851-7221
Fax: (506) 851-7190

800 Burrard St.
Room 620
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2J8

Tel.: (604) 666-5571
Fax: (604) 666-4839

Transport Canada
700 Leigh Capreol
2nd floor, Suite 2033
Montreal Int'l Airport
Dorval, Quebec
H4Y 1G7

Tel.: (514) 633-3863
Fax: (514) 633-3585


Transport Canada
4900 Yonge St.
Suite 300
Willowdale, Ontario
M2N 6A5

Tel.: (416) 952-0215
Fax: (416) 952-0196

Winnipeg Office
Transport Canada
344 Edmonton St.
PO Box 8550
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0P6

Tel.: (204) 983-4341
Fax: (204) 984-2069

Edmonton Office
Edmonton City Centre Airport
C61 Airport Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5G 0W6

Tel.: (780) 495-2764
Fax: (780) 495-7449


Pilots wishing to take advantage of this conversion opportunity to obtain a Canadian pilot licence or rating need to follow these steps:

  • First -- undergo a medical examination with a Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Next -- once you receive your Canadian Medical Certificate and licensing file number, you can forward to your nearest General Aviation Licensing office the Application for Verification and Conversion of an FAA Pilot Certificate form.

When we receive this application, we will confirm with the FAA details of your US certificate so we can proceed with issuing your licence or ratings based on this conversion process.

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While we're confirming your certificate status with the FAA, you need to prepare for the applicable examinations

Once you are ready to take the examination, you should contact the General Aviation Licensing office nearest to you to make arrangements to take the examinations. When you are speaking with our Licensing specialists, they will be able to outline the additional steps you will need to take to complete the process.



This article was published by Transport Canada - Please go to http://www.tc.gc.ca for current information - Reprinted with permission

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