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Pro IFR - Delta
IFR Ground School


A fast moving and interactive “update” seminar designed to prepare you for the oral portion of the IFR flight test and help prepare you for the technical type of IFR questions that often are asked on an interview. This course really helps you “think IFR”. John regularly teaches this course for everybody from Transport Canada Inspectors to the Corporate and Commercial community in addition to our own students. This course is run every 28 days in Vancouver and three times a year in Victoria.

The following topics are covered in a more practical nature in our excellent One Day “hard-hitter”, The IFR Refresher Seminar:

•IFR Flight Test Preparation
•Flight Planning Considerations
•Preferred Routes
•Aircraft Control Rules of Thumb
•IFR Navigational Rules of Thumb
•5 Phases of an IFR Cross-country
•Alternate Minima
•Cleared for the Approach…
•Accident Investigation
•Takeoff Minima & Departure Procedures
•Holding Patterns
•Straight In Approaches (Radar Vectored/Pilot Navigation)
•ILS Tips…
•Landing Minima
•Approach Ban (RVR)
•Missed Approach Point (MAP)
•Circling Procedures
•Takeoff Minima & Departure Procedure Scenarios
•Enroute Scenarios
•Approach Scenarios (Precision and Non-Precision)
•What to expect on an IFR Flight Test…
•Discussion and Questions…

Saturday 0830 to 1730 hours


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Unit 62 4400 72nd Street
V4K 5B3
British Columbia
Country: ca


Interested in a career as a professional pilot, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place - Professional Flight Centre.

We are a progressive flight school located at Boundary Bay Airport in Delta, British Columbia, Canada and have been in operation since 1986. Our in-flight training is second to none, and we have gained Canada-wide and International recognition for quality in the process. See what current & past students have to say about our excellent flight training program!

We offer training for the Private Pilot License (PPL); Commercial Pilot License (CPL); Multi-Engine IFR Rating; ATPL License, Instructor Rating and the equivalent helicopter licenses.

The training is accomplished on our fleet of 23 aircraft including 4 Beechcraft Duchess twins, 1 Piper Seminole, 1 Robinson R22 helicopter and 17 single engine aircraft including Cessna 172's; Cessna 152's; Piper Warrior; and Citabria.

We also have an excellent reputation in commercial pilot training in Canada, supplying well disciplined, fundamentally sound, professional pilots to many operators in Canada and throughout the world.

Standardization of training and a first-rate ground school is the key to Professional Flight Centre's success. Much of this is due to training in accordance with our excellent flight training manuals that are simple, effective, and easy to read. They are designed to increase confidence and make pilot training an enjoyable experience.

We also offer comprehensive ground school and seminar programs for all licenses and ratings to ensure that the theoretical knowledge requirement is exceeded. If there is one word that describes the "Professional" experience, it has to be "Positive". We are extremely supportive and have a way of making learning fun and enjoyable!

If you are coming to train with us from outside a local area, you may be interested in our Student House. Our Farmhouse is just around the corner from our Boundary Bay Facility, either a 15 minute walk or 2 minute drive by car.

Professional Flight Centre is open seven days per week and the office is generally manned from 0800 to 1800 hours P.S.T. Our operational flying hours may extend beyond that if required.We are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day. We may operate on a limited basis on other Canadian Statutory Holidays.


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