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Aircraft Other: 2 Ibis Magic GS700, 2 Corsario mk5 amphibian, 1 alpi aviation Pioneer 300 hawk aerobatic, 1 Maveric Faos
Street: Efedron Aksiomaticon 3 15351 Kantza
Postcode: n/a
City: n/a
Province / State: Attiki
Country: Europe
Phone: 302106041922
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Airport you work out of: Megara LGMG
Info About your Business: Maveric is the biggest ultralight pilot school in Greece with a fleet of 6 brand new aircrafts (2 ibis magic gs700, 2 Corsario MK5 Amphibians, 1 pioneer P300hawk Acro, 1 Maveric Faos). Maveric is also distributor for these aircrafts for Greece and many other European countries. The aircraft is Ibis Magic GS700 ultralight equiped with 80 hp rotax 912. Ultralights in Greece have a MTOW 550kg so all of maveric aircrafts are fully equipped. Ultralights in Greece are treated like general aviation aircrafts and fly from even to international airports. The base airport of Maveric is Magera LGMG 30 km from Athens and it is the bussiest general aviation airport in Greece. The airport is used by many flight schools for commercial pilot training. Since megara is inside the TMA of El. Venizelos LGEL airport the flights require full ATC interaction and the use of VFR routes and altitudes. Although our students are ultralight aircraft pilots they fly in the same conditions like the CPL and ATPL student pilots are.
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