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City: Inglewood
Province / State: California
Country: USA
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Airport you work out of: Los Angeles
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Inspect every detail. Measure its advantage.  Your success depends on it.  Faculty with Industry Experience. Our instructors have worked in the industry. They know what it can take to be successful in the workplace and they help you focus on those skills.  Hands-on Training. Expect to get your hands dirty here. We do a lot of hands-on training so you graduate with the practical experience you need for a job.  Focused Education. You can graduate and enter the workforce in less than 2 years (programs vary from 17-20 months)! Our classes are approximately 7 hours a day—to keep you learning, not burning out.  Real World Curriculum. To develop our programs, we ask representatives from the industry what they are looking for, and design our curriculum to teach job-relevant skills.  Industry Connections. You can meet people with industry contacts throughout your program, including employers, instructors, alumni and students with similar interests.  Career Placement Assistance. Redstone’s Career Development Services advisors will help you find a job. Redstone offers career fairs, resumé training, interview skills and lists of job openings.  Tuition-Free Alumni Retraining. As a graduate, you can come back to Redstone to sit in on classes in your original field and refresh your skills at no additional tuition cost! (Some fees and other costs may apply.) No matter how fast-paced the industry gets, you’ll never be left behind.  Industry Certification Tests. Redstone prepares you for industry certification exams such as the FAA exams. If there is an exam required to enter your field of study, Redstone pays for you to take it (first time only.) Some tests are even administered on campus.  Flexible Scheduling. Many of our programs offer day and/or evening classes. Our Admissions Representatives will help you find a schedule that fits your life conveniently.  Part-Time Employment Assistance. If you want to work part-time while attending Redstone, use the Career Development Services office for help in finding a job that fits in with your class schedule.  Housing Assistance. Our Student Services office can help you find affordable housing close to school. See our Collegiate Housing brochure for details. (Subject to availability, collegiate housing not available at all campuses.)  Financial Aid. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. We have many ways to assist you, including student loans, grants, federal and state financial aid programs, and alternative financing. Plus, there are scholarships, work study, VA and agency benefits (available to those who qualify). See our Financial Aid Roadmap for details.  Transportation Resources. Our Student Services office can help you with carpool programs and the purchase of discounted student bus passes. ( Not available at all campuses.)  Tutoring. We can help you get one-on-one or group tutoring at no additional cost.

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