Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Toss out those paper Pilot Training Record (PTR) logbooks!  Leave behind the days of recording each and every student's flight hours by hand.  Now, the makers of present you a new option-Online PTR.  It's easy to use, cost-effective and secure. (MCLB) features the exact same components as the paper version of PTR.  You can access a student's information and flight hours for both fixed wing and helicopter aviation.  What distinguishes MCLB from other
PTRs? Paper PTRs may be cheaper, but cost more to process manually; an alternative to costly programs, MCLB uses the Internet to provide a cost effective service.


MCLB offers three different types of user levels.  Each is password-protected and can only be accessed by the individual user.  Chief Flight Instructors (CFIs) can get detailed reports for each student, as well as view, edit, print, make unlimited notes and lock each student's PTR.  Students can view and keep track of their personal flight records. 

Unlike the paper-based records used with traditional PTRs, instructors and CFIs can add and edit a student's flight hours with the click of a button.  Once a change is made, MCLB automatically adjusts the total flight hours.  No more erasing and re-calculating totals yourself! 

Even the most basic of beginners can use MCLB with ease.  The simple and clear interface makes the usually tedious task of logging flight hours an utter breeze.  Because MCLB is online, CFIs and instructors can add new information to students' profiles anywhere. If you can access the Internet, you can access your MCLB account.

MCLB gives flight schools more bang for their buck, too.  It's not a subscription service-schools only buy the number of PTRs they need.  With six different flight levels, the cost of using MCLB is as low as $5.00 per PTR.

MCLB's Online PTR meets all of the requirements set forth by Transport Canada.  A completed and locked PTR will always be stored as a backup online; CFIs don't need to worry about losing or damaging the paper copy.

With MCLB's new online PTR, the largest or smallest of flight schools can manage students' flight hours in a time-saving and cost-effective way.  The bottom line? Instructors and CFIs will spend less time tackling stacks of paperwork and more time doing what they love-teaching students to fly. 


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Written By: Allison LeBlanc

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