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Pro Flight Yoke System

Bristol, 8 August 2007 – Saitek today announced the launch of its Pro Flight Yoke System and Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant - two new high end flight simulation controllers.

The Pro Flight Yoke System and Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant are aimed at "players" of high-end flight simulation software such as Microsoft FSX. Based on actual aircraft controls, and featuring a host of programmable buttons and controls, they increase the realism of the flying experience.

Saitek Yoke with Throttle Quadrant


Both products are highly engineered to meet the exacting needs of the serious flight sim enthusiast. The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke features durable stainless steel shaft with precision bearings to give smooth and predictable elevator and aileron control, while integrated chronograph and separate throttle quadrant ensure a smooth, accurate and totally realistic flying experience. The Yoke also has an integrated USB hub so that Multiple Saitek Pro Flight units such as additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrants or Rudder Pedals (both sold separately) can be linked together.

The Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant features three axis levers and three two-way rocker switches to add even more options for flight simulation control. Additional quadrant lever heads can be used to create the preferred configuration of throttle, flaps, mixture and prop pitch to suit the type of aircraft being flown.

The unique, desk clamp fixing system keeps yoke and throttle quadrant securely fixed no matter how extreme the flying conditions. The quadrant can be mounted either on top or in front of the desk, pilot or co-pilot side so that the controls are always close to hand.

The new yoke and throttle quadrant join the existing flagship Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System throttle and stick, and Pro Flight Rudder pedals in the Pro Flight range. In addition, in February 2008, Saitek will be launching its new Flight Instrument Panel – a colour LCD screen designed to replicate the instruments used in real aircraft cockpits. One or multiple Pro Flight Instrument Panels can be mounted on the Pro Flight Yoke System to display cockpit instrument panels from Flight Simulator X, including Altimeter, Attitude Indicator, Airspeed Indicator, Navigation Indicator etc. A supplied Software Development Kit will also allow programmers to develop further interactions with other games.

"We’ve extensively researched how real aircraft controls function and used what we’ve learned to make our Pro Flight Yoke System and Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant as realistic as possible," said Richard Neville, Saitek Category Manager. "With the launch of our Pro Flight Instrument Panel next year we’ll have a suite of products covering every flight simulation need – all dedicated to enhancing flight simulation controls."

About Saitek:

Saitek designs and manufactures consumer electronics products which work together to improve the user’s multimedia, gaming and communications experiences. Constant innovation, superior technology and a high degree of functionality make Saitek products the choice of computer users around the world.

The Saitek product range today includes mice, keyboards, headsets, PC gaming controllers, as well as other PC peripherals. The latest addition is a new family of innovative and practical audio products designed to improve users’ digital entertainment experiences.


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