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Aug 22

TMT aviation

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TMT aviation school

Welcome to TMT Aviation


The TMT way of education is characterized by passion and understanding. The school is a place where community feeling is experience, where people live together without fear of one another, and where a free and creative exchange of ideas stimulates the learning process.

TMT aviation is affiliated with accredited repair stations and keeps factory trained mechanics to ensure safety and reliability before each aircraft takes off.TMT aviationoffers tailored fit & compact Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating course that qualified students could finish within the span of only 7 to 8 months.

The country’s best flight training instructors form the core of the Cooperative manpower in terms of pilots and aircraft mechanics. Support services relative to aviation flying school is also provided by TMT AVIATION. This includes a modest accommodation package to all foreign students (food, laundry service, and transportation included.


Students of TMT Aviation enjoy twin-sharing hotel amenities like accommodation in Manila; Philippines’ major tourist destination. This creates safe, conducive learning and living environment enabling students to focus on their aviation studies. TMT management & officers look into students concerns thoroughly through regular personal and group meetings and forums.

Food & Accommodation

For Indian,Egypt and Saudi Nationals, we have an  organized  kitchen crew to provide tasty Indian,Egypt and Saudi foods which they will enjoy. Special food arrangement  shall  be provided for other nationalities who will come and train with our facility. Accommodations are provided  twin sharing, however, single accommodation can also be arrange but additional fee shall be imposed. Female students will be provided with single room accommodation if there is no  other female students. There will be a WIFI for internet connections. All students shall have their own laptops but not mandatory.

Accommodation and Dining Services

The academy at Philippines will provide air-conditioned accommodation to all students. A student ratio of 2 per room with a shared bathroom will be the norm. All accommodation are fully furnished with work tables,chairs, lockers, closets, beds and other necessities. Bedding, sheets, linen and towels will be provided and  changed regularly. Transportation to school and back will be provided by TMT.

The Philippines academy uses a professional caterer to provide quality food services to all of its students and staff. Bed tea/coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided on a daily basis. The academy is equipped with vending machines for soda and snacks and the students may avail the facilities. Coffee and tea brewers are available in the school facility and hangar for staff and student use.

House Keeping

House keeping is handled by local helpers. They would also take care of other chores like laundry etc,.

Damage to Property

Normal wear and tear to housing is expected and would be addressed immediately. Malicious damage caused by any student would result in disciplinary action and monetary

TMT Aviation Course Details

Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Training. (250 hours) $ 34,000 USD ONLY

This includes the following

 Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Training. (250 hours)

  • * Student-Private-Commercial Pilot License and Instrument
  • * Rating License Process
  • * Philippine Radio License Process (RMAP)
  • * CAAP License Checkride (PPL/CPL and IR)
  • * Special Study Permit, Bureau of Immigration and Visa Extension ( 6 months)
  • * Accommodation(2 person/house) and Transportation Service
  • * Laundry Services ( twice a week)
  • * Food Included ( 3meals a day) /
  • * Theoretical Examination Fees (PPL, CPL, IR ) and Result Processing
  • * School Uniform Set, Private Pilot Kits and CPL/IR Manual w/ Philippine Map
  • * PPL, CPL and IR Ground Schooling (Ground Instructional)
  • * 250 Hours

  • Total program fee is $ 34,000 USD with food and accommodation 

    Training Starts At Your Convenience!

    International students should arrive two week before the scheduled Ground School begins. Domestic students should arrive one week before the scheduled Ground School begins.

    To apply, all students must: 

    • please download our  application form from attach file, fill up and Sent with copy of  passport (Domestic students and International students).

    Capt. Benjamin Acosta
    Manila Office- Unit 202 Jolliland Condominium 670 EDSA, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    E-mail: aviationlinkasia@email.com

    Mobile: +63-9162874709

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