Thursday, December 13, 2018
Dispatcher Flight Coordinator/Dispatcher

Flight Coordinator/Dispatcher

Meridian Teterboro, New Jersey:
Major responsibilities:
Maintain operational control of all domestic and international flight activities associated with the planning, scheduling, and ground handling of the aircraft movements to expedite their completion with ultimate safety and in compliance with company and applicable government regulations.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Coordinate with and support flight crews in the planning of all domestic and international flights.
  • Arrange for and coordinate FBO services, aircraft handling, crew transportation, hotels and other passenger amenities.
  • Obtain and arrange for AROs and other flight related authorizations, including Canadian and Mexican permits, Intl.Overflight permits, Customs, Immigration, and APIS for all flights as required.
  • Ensure that available runway lengths are sufficient and enroute flight times do not exceed aircraft performance capabilities.
  • Review NOTAMs, airport weather services and noise restrictions for each airport.
  • Ensure that the appropriate fuel discount program is used at each destination, on a per trip basis.
  • Crew scheduling in coordination with the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot.
  • Ensure that all crewmembers assigned to each flight meet client qualification requirements.
  • Monitor crew flight, duty, and rest time limitations.
  • Flight Following of all trips in progress to ensure coordination of ground transportation, notification of clients, and other pertinent information.
  • Administer and actively seek out company cost saving actions i.e. company discount programs for fuel purchases, hotels, and rental cars.
  • Assign and tracking pilots‘ days off.
  • Enter flight information into the computer, from the aircraft flight logs.
  • Be on call during the week and on weekends in accordance with the on call schedule, to assist Charter Sales in flight coordination.
  • Assist Flight Operations and Charter Sales with any special projects and perform other duties as assigned.
  • Interface with aircraft owner to schedule the aircraft.

Must be able to work Friday - Monday, 2nd shift, 10 hours/day and be able to work a flexible/on call schedule.


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