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HeliFlite Shares Newark, New Jersey:
  • Schedule Part 135 fractional and charter flights
  • Dispatch Part 135 flights
  • Answer client calls and emails daily
  • Implement and understand all client contracts
  • Build flight manifest(s) and charter quote(s) for clients
  • Ensure flight manifest(s) and charter quote(s) are faxed, returned, and signed
  • Manage and organize flight manifest(s) daily and distribute to appropriate areas
  • Ensure daily/weekly/monthly flight information is transcribed into Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  • Provide assistance to clients with special travel arrangements such as catering, ground transportation and other special requests
  • Provide timely updates to clients regarding delays due to weather, ATC, mechanical, etc.
  • Create, disseminate, execute and update the daily flight schedule
  • Identify, monitor, evaluate, and disseminate weather, METARS, TAFS, and TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) to scheduling and crewmember(s)
  • Flight follows company aircraft and any aircraft executing a HeliFlite trip
  • Record all flight times into the Flight Schedule
  • Coordinate and assign crewmember(s) daily from current crew schedule and ensure they have 10 hours of crew rest
  • Notify and update crewmember(s) of daily assignments and revisions
  • Monitor crewmember(s) duty and ensure it does not exceed 14 hours for daily assignments
  • Coordinate with maintenance on aircraft utilization, discrepancies, and any changes to the schedule
  • Coordinate with Scheduling and Charter to exchange information on flight manifests, delays (weather, aircraft, and maintenance), flight schedule changes, current weather and special airspace restrictions
  • Distribute the flight schedule daily to crewmember(s), maintenance, and other key staff members
  • Distribute flight manifest (trip-sheet) daily to airports/heliports and crewmembers
  • Distribute materials and information on off-site landings to crewmember(s) prior to flights
  • Ensure all weight and balances are collected and completed for each fractional/charter flight
  • Create, modify, and adjust weight and balances as needed for crewmember(s)
  • Responsible for knowing and initiating actions to support the GOM (General Operations Manual) and FARs
  • Understand and implement the procedures of the HeliFlite Accident Response Plan
  • Record and disseminate any information which could adversely affect any HeliFlite flight

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