Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Executive Manager, Applications Development

Manager, Applications Development

Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. memphis, Tennessee:
 Manager, Applications Development

                                     ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Responsible for providing technical expertise to the Line of Business Managers in the selection, integration and implementation of Enterprise Business Applications. This requires a strategic understanding of the business need and existing applications in order to design and advise possible data touch points.  Additionally this position is responsible for managing Pinnacle’s web sites, which includes developing forms and deploying content as needed. OTHER FUNCTIONS:  Facilitates the project information. Responsible for project scope definition and signed agreement of all parties.Develops and monitors a Project Plan which addresses time frames, resources, and cost.Consults and provides recommendations to users, staff, and management on system design issues for both existing and proposed information systems.Ensures that Quality Management and Quality Assurance are an inherent part of the projects. This includes compliance with regulatory requirements such as but not limited to SOX, FAA, TSA, OSHA, HIPAA, etc. Ensures that projects will conform to established Pinnacle Airline Corp. standards for change management.Works closely with other IT project managers and LOB Managers to ensure a cohesive, comprehensive, and complete project management structure for all projects.Be available during specified hours of coverage.All other duties essential or otherwise. 

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