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Finance Estimating Pricing Manager K

Estimating Pricing Manager K

Boeing Company Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Location Oklahoma City, OK

Security Clearance Required? No Security Clearance Required

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Position Description

Manage B-1 Bomber Estimating and Pricing organization. Manages employees performing labor and material estimates, cost proposal development and pricing, and business case development. Develops and executes integrated organizational plans, policies and procedures, and guides the development of business and technical strategies, goals, and objectives. Acquires resources for organizational activities, provides technical management of suppliers and leads process improvements. Develops and maintains relationships and partnerships with customers, stakeholders, peers, partners and direct reports. Provides oversight and approval of technical approaches, products and processes. Manages, develops and motivates employees. This position requires prior experience in Defense Contracting and a working level knowledge with the Boeing Estimating System Manual (BESM) and Boeing Defense Systems (BDS) Estimating and Pricing processes and tools.

Boeing Leadership Attributes

[ + ] Charts the Course
Starts with the customer ends with the customer. Translates strategy into actionable objectives and plans. Communicates clearly at one-on-one and group levels. Conveys sense of purpose and mission that motivates others. Maintains direction, balancing big-picture concern with day-to-day issues.

[ + ] Delivers Results
Keeps his/her promises. Does not rationalize shortfalls and is accountable. Demonstrates strong operational skills. Marshals the other Leadership Attributes in meeting commitments. Capitalizes on unanticipated opportunities and changing circumstances to meet commitments.

[ + ] Finds a Way
Continuously monitors customers and operations to spot issues. Faces reality and adjusts to keep commitments. Models confidence that sees change as opportunities. Uses Boeing complexity as leverage, not an excuse.

[ + ] Inspires Others
Energizes, excites, and motivates others. Creates and models a confident and winning atmosphere. Builds teams whose impact is far greater than the sum of their parts. Inspires in ways that are consistent with Boeing's values. Celebrates success and learns from disappointments. Creates an atmosphere where all see opportunities to stretch, take risks, create, contribute and learn.

[ + ] Lives the Boeing Values
Models, leads and is committed to the Boeing values, principles and business-conduct policies. Earns the trust and respect of all Boeing stakeholders. Ensures effective business, compliance and financial controls. Promotes integrity in all that we do. Demonstrates commitment to and takes advantage of diversity. Creates an environment of respect and inclusion. Does not use abusive or intimidating behavior. Bounds vigorous pursuit of individual and business objectives with overall interest and reputation of the company.

[ + ] Sets High Expectations
Sets high expectations rooted in ensuring competitiveness. Sets high expectations for him/herself first. Has courage to raise the bar continuously/routinely. Holds self and others accountable for continuous improvement. Communicates expectations directly, openly and effectively. Shows people and teams how to reach (acts as a coach).



[ + ] Building A Successful Team
Works with other K level managers to ensure the purpose and importance of the team are clarified (e.g., team has a clear charter or mission statement); guides the setting of specific and measurable team goals and objectives. Works with other K level managers to help clarify roles and responsibilities of team members; helps ensure that necessary steering, review, or support functions are in place. Works with other K level managers to make procedural or process suggestions for achieving team goals or performing team functions; provides necessary resources or helps to remove obstacles to team accomplishments. Listens to and fully involves others in team decisions and actions; values and uses individual differences and talents. Shares important or relevant information with other K level managers and the team. Adheres to the team's expectations and guidelines; fulfills team responsibilities; demonstrates personal commitment to the team.

[ + ] Building Positive Relationship
Consistently and proactively builds effective working relationships with employees, peers (e.g., fellow first-level managers) and customers. Solicits and provides information to clarify situations. Seeks and expands on original ideas, enhances others? ideas, and contributes own ideas about the issues at hand pertaining to the workgroup. Places higher priority on workgroup goals than on own goals. Gains agreement from partners and peers to support ideas or take partnership-oriented action; uses sound rationale to explain value of actions. Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

[ + ] Coaching/Teaching
Consistently and proactively clarifies expected behaviors, knowledge, and level of proficiency by seeking and giving information and checking for understanding. Consistently and proactively provides instruction, positive models, and opportunities for observation in order to help team members, other fellow K level managers, people throughout the organization, and external customers develop skills; encourages questions to ensure understanding. Consistently and proactively gives timely, appropriate feedback on performance; reinforces efforts and progress. Consistently and proactively establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping fellow K level managers, people throughout the organization and external customers feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions.

[ + ] Communication
Consistently and proactively clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Consistently keeps the audience thoroughly engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection; consistently frames the message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Consistently seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Attends to both direct and indirect messages from others; correctly interprets messages and responds appropriately. Advises fellow K level managers and other internal employees in effective communication techniques

[ + ] Motivating Others
Creates a climate within the workgroup in which team members want to do their best. Instills a sense of purpose by communicating and creating buy-in with workgroup goals and objectives. Identifies what each direct report finds rewarding and then equitably administers rewards for behaviors aligned with successful team or individual performance. Works to ensure that each direct report feels his or her work is important.

[ + ] Negotiation
As a K level manager, actively explores all parties' needs, concerns, and initial positions, including own. Builds common ground by placing greatest emphasis of interaction on areas of agreement; addresses areas of disagreement and provides solutions to minimize discrepancies. Manages the interpersonal process to stay focused on the task; diplomatically addresses emotions and conflict. Engages in mutual problem solving by brainstorming alternative positions or approaches and evaluating them openly and fairly. Draws direct linkages between preferred alternatives and the other party's needs; tactfully responds to objections by emphasizing value; exposes problems with undesirable alternatives. Maintains the "upper hand" throughout process; aims to achieve a win-win solution through a give-and-take process.


[ + ] Estimating Methods
Oversees application of estimating techniques and relationships by direct reports to effectively perform functional responsibilities of the occupation. Reviews and approves estimates.

[ + ] Financial Integration
Applies general knowledge of Finance disciplines and tasks performed by various Boeing finance processes and the interaction between department disciplines and how the products and process are used by and effect the fiscal process.

[ + ] Pricing Methods Ability
Oversees application of pricing methods by direct reports to effectively perform functional responsibilities of the occupation. Reviews and approves pricing.

[ + ] Proposal Processes
General knowledge of government, company and local policies, procedures and regulations such as Export Compliance, relating to the development of cost proposals, to be shared with direct reports. General knowledge of proposal, accounting and rate development. General knowledge of audit, fact-finding and negotiation processes and how they affect the proposal process.

Basic Qualifications For Consideration

Do you have at least 2 years of experience leading or managing a project or a team?

Do you have at least 8 years of experience in estimating or pricing working with Department of Defense proposals?

Typical Education/Experience

Other Job related information

The B-1 Bomber Program will be relocating to Oklahoma City in 2012. Initially the successful candidate will spend 60 days working in Long Beach training with the existing B-1 Bomber Program. The successful candidate will transition to Oklahoma City after the 60 day training is completed. A successful candidate must be adaptive to change. The position requires strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate within all levels of the organization and program. The selected candidate must exemplify the core ethical values of The Boeing Company. Prefer a bachelor's degree and 10 to 14 years' related work experience or a master's degree and 8 to 12 years' related work experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Business Unit Defense, Space&Security
  • Division Global Services & Support
  • Program Mm & U
  • Job Type Management
  • Experience Level First Level Manager
  • US Person Status Required? Yes

Closing Date: 04/15/2011about closing dates


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