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Inventory Parts Freight Forwarding Manager

Freight Forwarding Manager

Aviation Recruiting, LLC UAE, International:

Location: Citizenship Requirement: Western

Job Description:

  • Develop Aviation Freight Forwarding sector.
  • Develop diversification and new market entry strategies.
  • Develop commercial strategies and business plan to increase revenue and market presence.
  • Identify cost saving transportation opportunities
  • Develops customer specific solutions based on freight forwarding end to end requirements.
  • Screen potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential and financials, evaluating options, resolving internal priorities, and through evaluation of potential competitive advantage.
  • Identify lead time issues and recommend effective solutions
  • Researching and planning the most appropriate route for a air shipments (taking account of the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security)
  • Dealing with special arrangements for transporting delicate cargo, such as food, medical supplies and other time critical goods including: obtaining, checking and preparing documentation worldwide to guide the freight efficiently through complex procedures
  • Negotiating contracts, transportation and handling costs; in addition to arranging payment of freight and other charges, or collection of payment on behalf of the client
  • Liaising with third parties to move goods by air, (including drayage / feeder transport) in accordance with customer requirements
  • Arranging air transport for urgent and high-value freight and managing the risk door to door
  • Working closely with customers, colleagues and third parties to ensure smooth operations to deadlines
  • Maintaining visibility and control through all phases of the journey, including the production of management reports and statistical and unit cost analysis
  • Offering consolidation services by air, ensuring cost-effective and secure solutions to small shippers with insufficient cargo to utilize their own dedicated units
  • Knowledge of e-commerce and other IT solutions, internet technology and satellite systems to enable real-time tracking and tracing of goods
  • Maintaining current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations and other factors that could affect the movement of freight.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Logistics or related discipline.
  • Ability to develop a business plan and execute cost modeling
  • Minimum 10 years experience within the freight forwarding / transportation industry
  • Proven analytical skills and metric based performance management
  • Experience with aircraft charter operations
  • Ability to develop pricing models based on volumetric dimensions, weight and Block Space Agreements
  • Ability to multi-task and handle a high pressure environment.
  • Well developed computer skills
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Managed P&L for 3rd Party Freight Forwarding, preferred.
  • MBA from accredited university, preferred. 
  • Lean Six Sigma training, preferred. 

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