Thursday, December 13, 2018
Inventory Parts Manager, Production (Upholstery)

Manager, Production (Upholstery)

Associated Air Dallas, Texas:

Directs the first line operations.

Working closely with IPT, plans day-to-day operations, assigns manpower, authorizes overtime and controls costs.

Monitors production yields on a daily basis; makes adjustments as necessary to maintain delivery schedules.

Coordinates and liaises with first line operations personnel, quality, and supply chain to ensure production standards and goals are achieved.

Supports and implements policies and procedures needed to achieve the business unit’s strategic operating goals.

Performs capacity planning for equipment, floor space and manpower requirements in accordance with forecasted workload.

Builds and develops team approaches to problem solving and continuous improvement concepts within the assigned area.

Produces and maintains measures of performance to graphically display performance-related strengths and weaknesses within the assigned team.

Monitors, controls and reports on the assigned team’s capital expenditures in relation to budgeted amounts.

Performs administrative activities necessary for the effective management of the cell, including the selecting of employees, pay administration, budget administration, employee safety, employee counseling and motivation, organization goals and objectives, and planning, organizing, integrating and measuring the work performed within the team.

Exercises authority in hiring, training, career development, performance appraisal, salary adjustments, promotion, discipline, health, safety and the general employee relations of direct reports.

Carries out special projects as assigned.

May perform team production tasks as required, depending on team size and technical qualifications.     ...

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