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Line Services Ground Support - Waterford, MI (CORP)

Ground Support - Waterford, MI (CORP)

Strom Aviation Waterford, Michigan:
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Ensure that all Company, FAA, and DOT policies and procedures are enforced for the comfort and safety of the customer.
•    Be able to drive the following equipment:
•    Aircraft tow vehicle
•    Fuel and Plow truck
•    Van
•    Deicer
•    Belt loader
•    Air stairs
•    Able to fuel, tow aircraft, and service any type aircraft that requires service.
•    Employee must be able to lift heavy objects possible exceeding 50 lbs.
•    Greet customers with respect and serve their needs
•    Checking and servicing oil and fuel in fuel trucks, tow vehicles, deicer, GPU’s, aircraft, and a variety of equipment
•    To ensure that the facilities are prepared for customers and employees (i.e., walkways clear, trash cleaned up, watering, landscaping, plowing, ect.)
•    Ensuring facilities are clean and stocked (i.e., bathrooms, floors, pilot lounge, hanger floors, lobby, ect.)
•    Marshall any aircraft arriving or departing from ADI’s ramp
•    Ensure that proper fueling and towing procedures are observed and followed
•    Various projects related to building upkeep and improving the level of service to the customer
•    Maintenance of facility and vehicles

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